Whether you have an amazing idea to start a small business so you can fulfill your lifelong dream of being your own boss, or you have a new idea to expand your small business we can help you:

  • Clarify if the idea will work as a viable business
  • Discover early determination of funding requirements
  • Identify areas in an existing business that need attention and could be impeding business growth

We leverage our 25+ years expertise in corporate Canada and our small business experience as business owners to help you:

  1. Get a Perspective – is the idea unique and assess what you can offer

  2.  Plan the Processes

Identify offer

Target customer

Identify Vision for the next 5-10 years

Research current market trends

Survey markets for problems/needs

Assess resources to deliver customer needs

3. Conduct Feasibility Study

4. Network to promote business idea

5. Test market viability

6. Make GO/NO GO decision

Our fees are based on a fixed fee and not an hourly rate.

If you need help in assessing your business idea

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